You want to know more about the Academic Art of Riding?

  • Private lessons with your own horse

  • Clinics with licensed trainers by Bent Branderup®

You are looking for a harmonious, respectful and species-appropriate work with your horse? In private lessons I share the knowledge that I have developed over recent years. Discover how relaxed and beautifully your horse can move. All the work with the horse serves the search for balance, where everything is light and beautiful.

I would be delighted to find more people living in Spain with an interest in the Academic Art of Riding, and riding according to biomechanical principles.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it and join the dance.
— Alan Watts

Clinic with Hanna Engström: 11/12 March (Monday/Tuesday) 2019

Without balance we can never achieve a mutual understanding and supple movement.
— Hanna Engström

Hanna Engström from Sweden comes to Spain to share her knowledge and experience. Enjoy her teaching and join us as a theory-participant!

You want a better balanced seat?
You reach for a deeper connection with your horse?
Your aim is to improve your Academic Art of Riding-skills?

Hanna Engström is licensed trainer by Bent Branderup®. Her Seat-Program is an international reference for seat-education, independently from the riding discipline. Hanna has an outstanding capacity to guide riders individually to a deeper body awareness which allows us to improve balance in our body while riding. In relaxation and balance we can feel the horses’ movements and connect on a much deeper level. Whether you want to refine your techniques in Academic Art of Riding or you want to receive an efficient and deep improvement of your seat, this clinic is for you. Hanna gives as well bodywork-lessons so that theory-participants get a lot of input for their body awareness and sensation of balance.

A rich and inspiring clinic expects us!

The clinic is held in – a very easily understandable - English.
Location: 08289 Veciana/Barcelona
Costs for the clinic for theory-participant: 60Euro Monday, 20Euro Tuesday (half-day) and 70Euro for both days (coffee/tee/lunch included).

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Monthly classes - Girona / Figueres


Looking for alternatives to pulling reins and kicking legs? The Academic Art of Riding is certainly not the fastest or easiest way, but for sure the most rewarding for both, rider and horse.

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Calendar 2018

26.02.-02.03. : Instructor-week at Hanna Engströms place in Gotland, Sweden,

31.03.-01.04.: Weekend clinic with Bent Branderup, Switzerland,

02.06: Clinic ""El caballo y las plantas autóctonas - especies y beneficios" with Monica Closa, Veciana/Barcelona. 

08.09.: Clinic with Hanna Engström, organized by Paula Ohlin, Barcelona.

19.09-23.09. : Instructor-week SEAT 3 and 4 with Hanna Engströms,, Sweden.

12./13.10.: "Trainers train trainers", with Pascale Kern and Iris Hauschild, Switzerland.

27./28.10.: Weekend clinic with Celina Harich, Spain.

24./25.11.: Weekend clinic with Bent Branderup, Switzerland,


Calendar 2017

15.01.17.-20.01.17. : Weekstudent at Hanna Engströms place in Gotland, Sweden,

31.03-01.04.17: Weekend clinic with Hanna Engström in Barcelona, organized by Paula Ohlin

01./02.04.17: Weekend clinic with Bent Branderup in Koblenz, Switzerland,

June 2017: Internship at Bent Branderups place in Denmark,

09/10.09.17: Weekend clinic with Celina Harich in Barcelona,

11./12.11.17: Weekend clinic with Bent Branderup in Koblenz, Switzerland,

2./3.12.17: Weekend clinic with Celina Harich in Girona,